Thursday, February 5, 2009

Investment In Dubai-is it still a good idea?

Here are some reasons why investment in Dubai is still a good idea despite the global recession and impact on the UAE

Over the years Dubai has established itself as a tourist hub and has become a very well known city and is now famous.
Dubai has leaders who have plans in place to move away from the traditional reliance on oil and are busy establishing a Dubai targeted at tourism and services.In fact they have been hugely successful at this and this focus remains an ongoing one.
Due to this Dubai properties are widely sought after by real estate investors.

Dubai properties still provide a quick return on investment.Partly due to the number of people moving there for the high pay and tax free status.And partly due to the number of tourists increasing year on year.This means investing in property and then renting out is viable whether for long term(to people moving to Dubai on contracts) or short term(to tourists).

Dubai property prices are still low when compared to London or New York properties and you are virtually guaranteed the same or more in quality.
Dubai investment is easy with little administration.
Dubai is politically stable and has a very low crime rate.

To sum up if you are looking into investing in property consider Dubai for its high returns,quick and easy administration, politically stable climate and high tourism forecasts year on year.

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