Saturday, February 14, 2009

Au Pair in Dubai

Opportunities exist to work as an au pair in Dubai, often for an expatriate European family.
An au pair is in charge of taking care of the children. You will get food and accommodation provided by the family free of charge, and a small allowance in addition (sort of pocket money). You will also be allowed time off. During time off, you are free to pursue your own interests, for example learning a foreign language.
Au pairs are not professional child minders and will not have professional childcare qualifications. As such, they should not be responsible for children under 2 years of age. There are no set conditions, although candidates are likely to be EU citizens between the age of 18 and 27 and are more commonly female than male.

What the au pair must know
She will have to take care of the children, i.e.:
speak the same language, at least well enough to understand and communicate with them
be sure they get up on time; dress the children/ensure the children dress themselves
take them to school/nursery/activity classes
play with them
be in charge of their meals
tidy up their rooms
be free to baby-sit them if needed, some evenings

What the family has to do
The family should be prepared to welcome the au pair into the family, remembering that she is not an employee but a home help for the children. Therefore they will make sure that:
the au pair has her own bedroom
that the au pair works a maximum of 25-35 hours per week She should have at least 2 days (2 x 24 hours) off during the week
they understand that having an au pair is not the same as employing a full time maid. She can be asked to do some housework, particularly in relation to the children, but should not be expected to do all of the washing up, cleaning and laundry for the family
medical insurance should be provided to cover the au pair in case of sickness or accident
the family pays an allowance (pocket money) each week
It may be wise to register the au pair with the family GP upon her arrival. Her possessions should also be added to the family's the house insurance policy.

Some addresses...
If you want to register as an au pair or as a family, you can contact:
IAPA (International Au Pair Association):
IAPO (International Au Pair Organisation):

You can also consult:
AuPair Search -
GreatAuPair -
Au Pair Box -
S-Au Pair -
Au Pair Connect -
New Au Pair -
Agencies will usually charge a registration fee to the family, the au pair, or to both parties.

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