Thursday, December 18, 2008

My thoughts on Dubai

I travelled to Dubai in May 2008.It was a pleasure trip and a business trip.First we had to buy furniture for my mother from IKEA and then I had to deliver fruit juice samples to a company in an industrial area.(1 hour by taxi-cost me a fortune).
United Emirates was ok but nothing compared to Singapore Airlines.I landed and had to wait an hour for my Mom and brother to land.Ok to wait inside the airport but noooooooooooo,I had to explore and boy was it hot outside.Anyway they eventually got there and off we went in our shuttle very expensive car to our hotel The Seashell Inn.By the way they are really cheap and in Old Dubai.Very safe,very comfortable and close to the shopping centers that are not expensive.By the way New Dubai is very expensive but if you follow my guide you CAN visit Dubai and not be overdrawn on your credit card.
We also went to IKEA which I recommend to everyone who does not have an IKEA at home.I bought stuff there that when I asked my friends to guess how much they usually guessed 4x more than the price I paid.And shoppin is easy if you dont like walking around in the shop.You can sit at one of the computers and order everything say e.g. for the kitchen-pictures available.If you want to see the real thing the sales person will direct you.So IKEA really good.
I then caught a taxi to go deliver my fruit juices and was proposed to at least 5 times.Between saying no thank you and praying to God(out loud) that I would not die because he drove like a maniac ,I also worried about whether I was allowed to pray to a christian God.I was never sure but he kept on proposing and he was from Pakistan so I reckon I was not breaking the law.
I made my delivery and returned with my same wanna be future husban taxi driver in one piece back to my hotel.
My cousin Elaine landed the day after and came to our hotel and she was also proposed to many times on the way to us.So if you are looking for a confidence boost catch a taxi in Dubai.
Back to Dubai,the shops were good,the Arabs were good looking but boy does that place need water.It is depressing to not see natural growing trees and grass.There are pipes everywhere to bring water to the very thirsty plants.
In a nutshell
Hotel-very good
Taxi Drive-extreme sport
Climate-hot,very hot
People-good looking,very predatory looking men.
Dubai-I would go there again but only if someone else pays for my ticket.

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